1. 3:20 – Hey buddy, just wanted to let you know I got $2000 from the SBA with your help. Wasn’t the $10,000 I was hoping for, but I’ll take it! Appreciate you.

  2. They gave them a mid ball price which they’ll counter and lower to probably $1,500 for 1 more month. Probably will just give us another $1,200 to be honest.

  3. Well if it goes through…good cuz I actually bring home a little less than 2k a month; so this is what I’d b making + a little extra for the bs

  4. We had our share of problems with – no unemployment… yet , both out of work and now we get that glitched stimulus. The My payment says “doesn’t match our records” and I had the taxes in front of me. I think it might have something to do with filing “married” and then it’s asking for the gross income and ours is together, but they might be going off mine? I have no idea. I can figure out mine but then I would have to hit “pay” on refund and I’m not sure that amount because it was done together to off set the final “our” amount. If that makes sense. We are down to our last 50 dollars and it’s very stressful. I would be feeling less stressed if just one of these things could go through.

  5. KEVIN! Can you please help me? I need to convert my individual brokerage into a business brokerage Acct. The reason is high losses that I could use to offset other costs. How can I do this and be able to retain my bring my realized losses along with me? PLEASE HELP!

  6. Is funny how people talking about getting, $2,000 instead of talking about a way to find a vaccine to cure this horrible pandemic. So that everybody can go back to work. I know this second stimulus package would never ever ever ever happen, but if it does they just gonna make things worse. Because a lot of people gone get too comfortable receiving $2,000 every month for a whole year that all Americans gonna become lazy af. Plus this is a real bad idea, that money will come with a catch. They gonna get that money some way or the other. Once this pandemic situation goes away everything is gonna be expensive af. And trump or who ever win the presidencial is gonna start cutting off all kinds of benefits. Starting first with the taxes year’s to come.

  7. I thought people was going to say, nah I don’t want the $2,000 I wanna go back to work. But instead they are already buying all kinds of stuff with 💰 that they would never get, and a lot of people haven’t received the first check yet.

  8. I have a serious question if ur parents claim taxes on am I still eligible for the 2000 a month ??

    Please respond I had a talk with my mom and she says she claims me on her taxes and that’s why I can’t get it I’ve searched on google for answer but no help I worked before and my checks and been taxed so I feel I should be eligible am I? Serious question THANK YOU

  9. I don’t understand why they didn’t give depends over 25years adult the check. I work and I pay taxes and go to school full time, come on! My dad just claimed me as a dependent 2019. Now I am regretting. Man! Everyone needs money or help during this period. They should change the eligibility and qualifications considering age, school and work.

  10. I have not received mine and here is my theory on why, I think the IRS is only adding so many Americans info to the get my payment database. Example lets say they are doing it by social security numbers, anyone Social Security # that starts with 0-2 had their info added by 4/15-2020 and Social Security # 3 and 4 were added on 4/20/2020, etc so I believe they did this last time when President Bush pushed the last stimulus check back in the day.

  11. Do you have to be 16 before 2020? I’ve been working since I was 15 and I turned 16 in January 2020. Please let me know!!

  12. Not that I wouldn’t mind an extra 2k a month, but where exactly is all this free money coming from? It’s just gonna appear out of thin air, no catch? Shouldn’t it be backed by gold or something?

  13. If he send me 2000 a month I will love him for life , as a matter of fact I will leave my husband for him 😀

  14. Dear Kevin, you just made me $1,200! I thought I was exempt until I used the non-filing portal. Thank you.


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