1. Your breakdown of how to build wealth from RE investing never gets old. I love it, thanks again for another banger! Seriously guys if you haven’t got the course, just do it you will NOT be dissappointed 🤑🤑🤑

  2. And with inflation of the dollar if the USA dollar becomes worth $.80 cents your 1000000 would only be worth $800000 the more money they print the more the USA dollar losses value

  3. Haha you talked about Options in here!!! That’s super high risk (which i did and turned $1k —> $4k in a week )

  4. * Hi Kevin, a quick question. What’s happening to all those people who have been counting on the rent to pay 💰 for their mortgages now that a lot of people lost their jobs and are unable to pay 💵 their rent?

    You can’t kick 🦵 your tenants out in this critical condition, and if your mortgage company doesn’t work with you, does this person end up losing their investment?

  5. Anddddd inflation here we come…
    Lol unless we start ramping up production very soon or phase out this income as production ramps up we may get ourselves into a bit of a situation

  6. Here is the question everyone wants answered. If you used The irs Non-filers tool when will you get the check? I know people who filed with it on 4-10-20 the moment it went online and still see payment status unavailable.
    Has anyone that used The non-filers tool recieved their stimulus?

  7. Save money, invest, stock share, buy house, buy land, grow garden, raise animals, get married, have children, raise family… Etc.

  8. The 2000 dollars won’t go thru .that is three or four trillion dollars. If you think its gping thru you are mistaking dummy .

  9. My parents are in all three. Options trading, real estate, and long term dividend income stocks. They are now worth close to $12 million and no mortgage or debt. They started with just average jobs and were worth nothing as they were dirt poor. So yes this is all doable and legitimate.

  10. Idiot,you can make a hundred zeroes after 1 and it doesn’t mean shit!you don’t need numbers to make in this world when it’s connected to mankind.Trust the most connected to mother nature,not uncle Sam!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This is not free money this is money owed from the years of labor and toil as well as building this country. They should give us more if you ask me but I’m definitely taking your advice!

  12. $2k a month is coming. Money is printing like diareah, no stopping it once it flows. But once they start giving people that money or more, get ready for hyper inflation and possible dollar crash.

  13. You forgot about inflation. It’s been proven that the stock market value hasn’t really gone u. A loaf of bread used to be a penny and now it’s $4.

  14. You actually want these people to thank that getting a $2,000 check from the government for one year is tax free wow what a funny man. These checks are loans from the debt Department yeah they forgot to tell you that but I’m pretty sure by knowing that now you know what’s going to happen in the future do you have to pay that back yeah how ironic they forget to tell you that until it’s too late there so intelligent aren’t they

  15. ARIZONA: Who has for unemployment and haven’t received anything passed two weeks already??? I just want to know if people are getting theirs…


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