1. I got my check it showed pending at my bank and the next day it was returned, i do not owe taxes at all, and its the same account i have had for years where my direct deposit goes when i do my taxes. Can some one explain what happened? I checked into the portal but it gives tells me it does not recognize me, its like What???

  2. Please for the people that filed our taxes. I logged in got a apporval and was good. The on Saturday I can’t get it to pull up. Wendaday said it was good and going into my bank account. Now after it said it approved. Saturday I can not log in at one

  3. My son is 20 yrs old, works part time and still goes to college. He filed as a single tax payer for 2019. He has a direct deposit set up and got his tax refund through this last month. He still hasn’t gotten his stimulus check. I saw you mentioned something about a loophole with college students. Can we expect him to get the stimulus payment? I checked on IRS website and it says “Payment Status Not Available ” thanks for your help

  4. Kevin, you work too hard man! I’ve noticed you are uploading 3 videos a day!! You work 100 times more a day than your average multi millionaire
    I’m pretty sure you don’t even give yourself time to rest!
    Man just calm down, who cares about money and views.. health and happiness are more important, you do a great job as it is, everyone really appreciates you and cares for you… but just relax man, you are so young why kill your self like this with work
    I wish I can support you, but all I can do is remain subscribed and like all your videos even when I don’t have time to watch for 20 mins

  5. KEVIN! Can you please help me? I need to convert my individual brokerage into a business brokerage Acct. The reason is high losses that I could use to offset other costs. How can I do this and be able to retain my bring my realized losses along with me? PLEASE HELP!

  6. What do i do if IRS says they sent my stimulus check. They even have correct account number.
    But my bank says they never received it

  7. this whole thing is a clusterfuck and it was designed to be just that a clusterfuck, because the more confusion they can mix in the more money they will end up stealing!. and being they have the FBI in their pocket they will never be caught and prosecuted, and that’s the america trump has given us. as of now I wont be getting a stimulus payment even tho I am a disabled Vietnam era veteran, because the IRS claims to have no info on me even tho I have been on SSDI since 2007 and have lived and filed taxes in my town for 40 years now!.

  8. I didn’t filed taxes for two years, can I still get my stimulus check? I made under 70K a year my job is not required to filed taxes. Please let me know I really need to know Thank you!


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