• Stop this non sense. Stock split, s&p and battery day is all over. Now you are pumping it using q3 delivery. They are already priced in for next 4 years deliveries

    • AaaRrrLllUS correct. $375 fair value with 40% growth rate estimating best in class gross margins. The problem is the stock trades like a “call” option on Tesla’s autonomy / energy business. That’s where the added Mkt. Cap. Comes from. Investors sit on 2 sides of the fence. Tesla is either a MASSIVE car company or much much more than that. It’s up to individual investors to research and interpret this outcome for themselves. Not just listen to all the noise on the bull & bear side

  1. I think 100,000 is too low. I haven’t done any analysis to back my gut feeling, but based on their performance in Q2 (when their factory was shutdown for over half the quarter), I wouldn’t be surprised if they delivered OVER 110,000 cars. TSLA’s 2020 target at the start of the year was 500,000 deliveries, and auto sales are always better in the second half of the year. I’d be absolutely shocked if they delivered under 100,000.

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