1. This is not a stock suggestion, simply reminding our traders and investors of a company who is in the works of the first effective drug against the coronavirus which of course is going to catch some eyes! Trade smart and manage that risk!

    • How can i start Investing/ Trading or even Learning How to Do This and How this Work?
      Do you have any classes or somewhere where I could En Roll I just Don’t even know where to start. I would Be Very Grateful if I Could get Any Information.
      Thank You God Bless and Stay Safe

    • Keep in mind the same thing was said about some promising drug from Johnson & Johnson. Turned out to be too optimistic and mostly media fueled.

    • Did you even read the whole article about Gilead? The opinions you’ve been giving have been trash you’re shooting fish in a barrel and still missing. All you do is inflate the stock options from your viewers after you’ve bought then sell at peak 9:35 the next day.

    • What do you think about $RTX. I really feel this can make some money in the future. It has done nothing but go up until the market crash and I think it could rebound.

  2. All airline stock down 50 plus, Will take over a year, but with a minimal 5000 you can pass 100,000 easy. (AAL), (AC), (BA), etc.
    Cruise lines have tremendous potential as well.

  3. I actually liked this video. Lately you’ve been just rambling clichés for the whole video but in this one you actually provided helpful facts. Keep it up

  4. Hi Ricky, do you have a problem with orders? this platform works very poorly for me orders are delayed or do not work. What do you think ? Thanks

  5. Other countries: Ok we’ve had about 14 days of decreasing new cases, we can open up slowly now.

    Trump: We’re in the peak folks, time to open everything up!! I’ve been saying this the whole time, we have to open back up!! Election is months away!! If I lose, don’t blame me, blame Chyna!! But I respect them. Not many people know this, but President Xi and I get along well, some could even say we’re allies. I don’t blame him for taking advantage of us, it’s the past President’s fault, they let him do it!!

  6. Ricky also analyse Moderna.. I’ve held it and it’s been amazing.. they’re alongside Gilead in the front race to find a cure


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