1. What do you guys think? New lows this year and things will get worse? Or have we already bottomed out given all the government/FED intervention? Let me know! And stay safe!!

    • If you invest consistently then you can benefit from the ups&downs of the market – buy the dips and skim the highs.

    • Ale’s World of Stocks everyone is forgetting how important gdp is to the nation. No one has even considered how gdp affects the stock market and not the other way around. April 29th will be an interesting day in the world of stocks.

    • I think we have hit the bottom already the fed are just propping it up and will continue to for the next 12 months so we will see w recovery for a number of months then turning to a long U recocery over 12/24/36 months

    • Speedytrip sure they can hahaha this isn’t the first time they have pumped stuff.. and market may go down but we won’t see newer lows than the previous lows for everything that was affected. It’s rigged always has been.

    • The market was’t predicting the recovery a year ahead of the Credit Crunch it was front running the fed money entering the market (to the day)! The Fed handily posted a diary of what days it was doing POMO/TOTO on it’s web page ahead of time!

  2. VIX is my world right now. 09 de-ja vuin. It’s like California dreamin but different but, leave me alone! U don’t know me 😏

  3. The Fed has come in and saved the market every time it looks like the bull is dying since 2008 with QE and stock buyback programs. Interest rates have never been lower so I don’t see anything changing and the Fed keeps getting stimulus programs passed and will continue 2.3 trillion, 4 Trillion, 6 trillion doesn’t matter they will just keep saving this market. So I think if interest rates don’t rise then we will be at all time highs very quickly.

  4. By the looks of it though the unemployment rate is skewed tho. A lot of people are being furloughed… they still claim unemployment, but when this is over they’re going to go back to work

  5. No one cares what covid affected earnings are going to be. The market is looking way past that into the liquidity flooded post covid era
    DOW 40,000 for xmas.

  6. We are headed to a new bottom. You can throw money left and right but something will eventually give and when it does it will be big. I see the Dow going down to 15,000-16,000.

  7. Print that money!! helicopter it in!
    drop it, print trillions more… come on!!! is that all you got?!!!
    cut oil production … don’t want the end user paying too little, after all, you only gouged us for 20 years.. what a bunch of crooks and scammers.
    Read this. If you open up the economy you never really cared to close it to begin with
    This started with maybe 50 people visiting china. now look, we have 750k cases. just think what happens when you open it up…hospitals will be overwhelmed come mid summer. what a bunch of dummies we have running this country.
    phase 2 will be worse than phase 1. only hope is for a vaccine. I bet we get lied to and it doesn’t even work, just to get people out to restaurants and theaters again.
    No vaccine? might as well forget about getting together for a long time

  8. Structural downturn(millions of businesses destroyed) created by an event driven downturn (corona ). It’s a double whammy.

  9. We are not out of the woods yet, the retracement level is close to 50%. We could still have another leg down, if that happens we could see 2010 levels.

  10. With the right stimulus, jobs will recover. And the economy is never about unemployment, it’s about productivity. Stock price is never about economy, it’s about cash flow. Infinite money = infinite stock price.

  11. everybody sees reopening exactly the same. Yet the markets remain up or only slightly down. It’s the FED buying everything. They only have to buy a relative few popular stocks to support the market. Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, comprise about 20% of the S/P momentum.

  12. I heard the Fed might temporarily block the purchase of inverse ETFs. Do you think that’s a possibility? How would it affect those who already are invested in them?

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  14. Bull because the goal of Trump Admin is to emergency land a plane on fire that was already crashing. He brought up the economy during a slow crash in order to manage the landing and deflation of the dollar. Now with that said, Global plans were the end of America as we know it. Now On top of the trade deals that Trump is already reworking with China,The Fed money is being invested in our independence, infrastructure, industry, agriculture and small business. Not just words. Industry will be brought back stronger and I want to own stock in that. Trump is finding money savings by pulling out of exploiting bureaucracies like WHO. America is coming back better than ever and I wanna be a part of it. I trust what I’m seeing.But I’ve never invested in stock before so take what I say is it brand new investor, using intuition and no previous knowledge.

  15. I would suggest that you dig up the chart of the S&P 500 from the back of the addendum of VALUE LINE PEriodicals. The chart shows the decline of the market during the great depression………study how it crashed and how long it took to crash will provide insight on what is going on now. Think of a rubber ball bouncing down a set of stairs


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