1. Bought FSXLF Fosterville yesterday at 2.21 as you pointed out the support is good in that area. Love Australia as the world’s largest gold nugget came from there. You can mine year round and gold is chunky and typically close to the surface. I think that because Aust. is having their first recession in many years this stock suffered as well. Also own a lot of Sandstorm but the Hod Madden giant gold reserve in Turkey is very key to their success. Pretty unstable country and currency at the moment which is both good and bad. They have an out sized investment here that is worrisome. If it works out the way they hope it could be huge as it is a tier one asset. Pls take a look at VOXCF as well. They have been very aggressive this past year in acquiring streams and royalties. Thx for Fosterville as it too has huge potential. Ck out Cabral Gold CBGZF video with Quinton Hennigh the world’s top mining geologist. Their Brazil property could be world class. Personally I want to own any and all companies he believes in.


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