• This is a great time Jeremy for you invest some more money into your Business (this channel). Id like to see you get someone on your team doing these videos with you!

      I could see you having your own Stock market news show. You are already far better then Yahoo or Bloomberg. xD

      Get some guests on the show from to do interviews. Two heads can think far better then one. Getting a partner helps balance ideas with another point of view.

      Another perspective give you great edge. I am sure your familiar with Dalio and the dot collector. This is a powerful tool that allows people to become a node in a network. A system of nodes if you will much like a computer. The power of the computation you use to make decisions.

      Plus I really think in life, you get what you give. If you take someone on your team to up the production value and the experience and information on your channel. You will bring value to someone’s life and a job. Plus you are creating more value for your viewers. Which in turn creates more value for you in wealth.

      Just saying brother been watching the channel for a long time great work one of the first successful Youtube Stock Channels.

      Thats the thing though youtube can cut you off for saying a word they don’t want. You need your own brand and you are creating that but that’s really the way to think of it if your interested in doing this long term.

    • New to the channel over the past month or so. Love what I’m seeing. Informative and entertaining. Curious what experation and strike price you chose for FIZZY GET DIZZY. Keep up the great work.

    • Financial Education Could you please do a video on what are the possibility of US bank going on bankruptcy if this continues through summer or later on this year.

  1. I am hedging positions with options and have my cash ready to deploy! Like you said, up is good and down is good too! Awesome information, Jeremy.

    • Don’t do that …
      The FED is going to keep on printing huge money for quite a while to support everything (and also the stock market) !
      If the stock market falls later, it is very possible that it won’t be now.
      Plus options are sooo expensive now ..

  2. I got some pretty good deals last time …I brought PEPSI at 106.00 and Microsoft at 135.00 ..should I sell or hold unto these?

  3. If you buy come further out of the money put options and they go into the money over time it’s easier to get that 3x, 4x, even 10x move. If you’re up that much need to even wait until expiration. Flip and collect that premium

  4. I like your content, but I think you got to practice what you preach. Don’t spread fear that market will drop if you are not willing to put your money on put options

    • Fabian Serna 😂😂😂 Thats not practicing what you preach. He isn’t buying and holding cash. What’s wrong with that

  5. This guys a clown, ccl is at a great buy right now, its not going anywhere. Dont listen to this clown everyone knows this guys a joke like Cramer. Plenty reasons to be bullish in certain stocks as of now. Just be smart about it.

  6. As a full time options trader, I trade calls and puts far away from expiration date and make 50-200% on a weekly basis. I’ve never held an option through expiration. Only about 5% of all options are held through expiration.

  7. I got a question for ya, say I’m gonna pull 10,000 a month to transfer into my bank account.whats the best way to do that?

  8. Thank you so much, questions please, isn’t the worse case that we wait for the vaccine and that is early next yearn right? so saying this might take 3 years or more is not realistic but it’s more like a year or so right?

  9. How about this? What if our market and economy WOULD HAVE take off to heaven with 40% returns YTD if we id not have Roni ?? Remember. I had some tech mutual funds that would be getting like 15% returns till mid February. We may have had S&500 returns of 40% already folks ! Late last year and early this year it seemed like 8 out of 10 days were up market days. Didn’t you feel that ? I had a really good selection of mutual funds and was even thinking I would be up 30% by summer! This is no joke. Some wise stock picks like MSFT, Appl, TSLA, would have had insane returns! Having said this, I think we will have a U shaped recovery. The world will have been closed for 6 months and then the re-open will be gradual. People will travel maybe 80% by end of year.

  10. JFC dude, PICK A LANE!! If you really think the market is going to go down (I’m leaning towards agreeing with you) you can sell your stocks in rebuy all of them in a week or two or a month or two.

  11. And another one ☝️ Great video Jeremy! 👑 You know, I strongly believe the market is about to drop hard 📉 in the very near future! Check this link to see when I think the next market bottom will be! I think you’ll be surprised 😀😉 https://youtu.be/tXckVnydgZ0

    • biscuitsleo Amazon is extremely hard to value, no one knows. $2,500 is the high end in my valuation, I don’t expect it to go further north. But this company is extremely unpredictable and creative.

  12. Like u show very inform for everyone. I try my best not to play option rather do future but or risk everyone have know they P/L

  13. 1st time I heard about options and excited to hear about it!! TOo many commercials only couple mins in!!! may not stay!! I get small amt but u r GETTING EVERY SPOT U CAN! Thought u were cared about watchers to keep u afloat right now NOPER IM OUT THEREB U GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Had a couple shares of roku it went down to 65 and I didn’t buy any more I was waiting for it to go down more next thing I know its back at 120 smh. I also got some ccl, uber ,amd, and gm would like to get more gm and ccl . What do you guys think about delta or should I wait to invest in any air travel stocks and go for banking

    • I believe southwest is a much stronger company than delta. I conducted detailed analysis in the video on my channel, check that out! Thanks.

  15. Dude you are sitting on a gold mine with these stocks. You’re a lot smarter than I am since I sold stocks that I bought low recently expecting the stock market to go down some more and so far it hasn’t done anything.

  16. I have a stupid question, If you truly believe the market will go down, why not sell everything, and buy them back on the dip?

  17. We will survive. The litle guy is in over his toe’s just ride the market like a wave. Chillax and take advantage of these deal’s. We hit bottom there is stretch on a bunch of good stonk’s

  18. Why not sell put options to collect the premium and If it drops you can buy more of what you want WHILE collecting premium?

  19. Remember what happened when you didnt sell GoPro? Nothing is for certain man, don’t cling onto stocks just because you “love them” and they have a great outlook on them within the next 5-10 years. Anything can happen, there’s nothing wrong with lowering your risk and selling while you can. You can always buy back even at a lower price.

  20. all in on TSLA , will sleep through crisis … might wake up if price is around 400 US $ to stock up a bit on margin ….

  21. The stock market is being bailout by the Fed through the repo market. The Fed is allowing banks and corporations to use stocks as collateral. ETFs and junk bonds are safe and will not fall.

  22. Jeremy, please goodness, do me two favors. Sell Tesla and collect all that long/squeeze cash (you will buy Tesla back, at way lower prices on the second correction).#2 buy 30K of $CCL and meet your current losing cost average or exceed it, in 2 – 4 years, when things normalize. Do not let 70K + evaporate on this next leg down. The action on that stock has been beyond planet mars and we are in the most drastic recession or potential depression ever. Tesla not even producing currently. REMEMBER; You can buy back the 70K + at $300/$400 per share, for the next leg up. DO NOT LET THAT GAIN EVAPORATE! I love you boy. HOLEH SMOKAH AIN NO JOKAH!

  23. Great Video Man! Just curious are you a little concern about the potential chance of hyperinflation coming up on the horizon

  24. Yeah you can EASILY sell your winners stock lol do your really think Tesla will be at 2000$ in a month? Most likely 500$ in 3 to 5 weeks. Use the profit to growth your position at 500$ or an other company

  25. Yes its risky but on the scale of $0-$100, I’m $30, dip my toe in the water. I would not go all in still I would be cautious.

  26. We just broke a US record yesterday for the largest number of Rona deaths in a single day and they are talking about reopening and back to work, like what!?!

  27. If you believe it’s going down sell it and buy again. Other wise all your latest videos and opinions don’t make sense at all…

  28. You just basically explained my situation. The current P/E ratio of the major indices worries me heavily, the current economic outlook worries me (altho a lot less than a month ago and I was buying back then as well…) But when I look at the fundamentals of the majority of stocks I hold, these just show a great upwards potential and most of them actually have P/E under 5 right now! So even if the PT is adjusted 40% or even 60% down, it is still a great deal. Then again, there are stocks that have 100 P/E and I believe these are the ones that cause the blow of the major indices and while I realize that if this pops, everything else will be dragged down along with them, I still believe it’s not going to be that much and the upwards potential in the long term is just too dang tempting.


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