1. Hey Positive Investing. I’m thinking about dollar cost averaging Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. Splitting 5 ways and dollar cost
    averaging 100k over 20 weeks. Thoughts?

  2. The biggest problem with Tesla is time. It takes time to develop the technology and then time for the financials to be impacted from the technology.

    However investors at times don’t seem to have the same timeline and get impatient. Most of this drive up in stock price is based on hype and expectations. The company itself is doing amazing but considering how complex some of this stuff is and the fact tesla wants to get it right vs rushing to the market and fail the stock price is going to continue to be volitle.

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  4. I really don’t know what other people were watching but what I saw was a glimpse into the future. Tesla basically laid out a road map to how they were going to make 20 million vehicles, all of which will be autonomous, and start to change over the entire energy production and storage system of the world. If you are more impressed by a new camera on some smartphone or whatever then I dont know what to tell you, but what I saw was that in 10 years Tesla will probably be the highest revenue generating company in the world with a large market cap. What the stock does in the short term i don’t care. What it does in the long term is my concern. And if you actually think that somehow legacy automakers are going to develop their own batteries and production lines, build factories, develop and build efficient car production lines and then ramp all of this in 3 years to catch up then maybe you might want to sell Tesla and buy Ford or GM because that’d be AMAZING!!!!

  5. Tesla may also just be holding back on creating an affordable product, if it gets to that point then that can mean they can sell the drive train to other companies to create their own evs


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