1. Are people really being infected at an increasing rate or is our level of testing finally catching up to realize many more individuals were already infected than previously thought? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Crazy America is considering opening up considering they have almost half of the whole worlds cases in one country and have handled the virus the worst compared to the rest of the world. We only have 6000 cases in Australia and we are not looking at opening anytime soon. The US are learning the hard way unfortunately

  3. Hong Kong and Singapore both had big second waves when they opened back up. I can’t imagine we won’t either.

  4. MILLIONS have died in china!!! We will never hear about it tho. Anyone who tries to “rat” on China will just disappear. It’s like the clintons if you have any dirt on them you disappear and nobody ever finds you and if they do it will be ruled a suicide or something crazy!!! I hope and want to believe we have been at peak now we are coming down slowly. All be careful and watch what you touch or get around.

  5. Trump’s get back to work announcement has no content. No facts when/where/quantity test kits deployed. Just jawboning the market

  6. Way too soon to open especially for you guys in the states with your population demographics, here in Africa the numbers aren’t so scary but the lockdown is real out here, even our armies are enforcing it.

  7. What do you mean Italy isn’t reporting new cases? Italy does a press conference every day reporting the new numbers. On average there are still 3,000-4,000 people getting infected daily in Italy. Did you mean another country?

  8. MAVA, Make America Venezuela Again. Print your way to infinity and beyond. 100% agree with you Ricky on all your points.

  9. Hell no. We’re not ready. It’s just going to make us take a bunch of steps back. Then it will cause a longer lock-down. Could be worse and they could declare martial law, forcing everyone to stay in their homes for a few weeks. That would be both good and bad because the virus would run it’s course, but that would mean loss of liberty and nobody wants that. It’s a tough situation. Let’s hope the treatments work like plasma transfer of antibodies and the medicines that are being tested.

    • @Ricky Gutierrez am so sorry to see how the average joe in ur country is so low educated and stuck in a bubble with zero general knowledge about the globe.

  10. 2:50 The answer is simple, The Chinese are lying about their numbers. It’s just not possible to be epicenter of a pandemic then just all of a sudden no cases. Hell a couple weeks ago they lifted all of the quarantine laws no there putting them back in place

  11. The fed printed trillions so the whales could get out without a loss. Why else do you think double tops form? Beware ending up the bag holder!

  12. The thing you have to keep in mind, if you wait until a vaccine is available that day might never come. Keep in mind the yearly flu vaccination is only 46% effective. Keeping the economy shut down will have a much larger negative effect than the virus will. I work at a major retailer and have been working through this whole thing and interacting with hundreds of people everyday in a major metropolitan city, I think we are going to be ok

  13. Fresh bear trap. Negative interest rates pushes fresh meat in the stock market. They will be smacked, having no idea what risks are involved. Welcome to GREAT DEPRESSION 2

  14. Ricky, I also think it is important to discuss the fact of the negative interest rates. NO ONE wants to save money in the bank right now. Saving money costs money.

  15. Analysts are a breed of their own. They could spin anything good out of the worst. The market has been going up since March and currently at the same level as the start of 2019. Only that now, there is 22 million unemployed, 800k COVID-19 infection and a nationwide lockdown. Almost forgot about the recent oil crash.

  16. We only wanted to flatten the curve, not beat the virus. This may be around forever. When do you go back to normal


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