1. Timestamps in the Description if you wanna get straight to it, but watch the whole video if you want to learn a thing or two:) Thanks!!!!!

  2. Moderna ready to sky rocket, Phase 1 done, phase 2 and phase 3 to go simultaneously. Vaccine to be at front line workers very soon. You’re looking at the next $100 + stock. Still time to get in.
    Check out Minning.com. It’s a great source of info. in the sector, mining, gold, etc.

  3. Still holding onto my ACB and Acreage stock, but so glad I also bought my way into chewy and PETS months ago.

  4. Looking forward to the in depth analysis of Aphria financials. EBITDA positive, but make sure to check their free cash flow, my biggest concern at this point. Great videos.

  5. Aphria is the company to go to even though its cash and cash equivalents is about the same as its liabilities , its a profitable company.. canopy even though it has a lot of cash available its a company thats loosing alot

  6. What’s up man? Am I the first to get comment of the Day twice? #Winning (not really I own a lot of ACB Hahaha) thanks for the love.


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