1. What do you think about what the economists concluded? **Edit: Some comments are referring to “no tax increase until you make over $400k from Biden.” This is WRONG.** Biden suggested not raising payroll taxes on people until they make more than $400,000 LAST YEAR. Recently, he’s suggesting increasing payroll taxes on anyone making over $137,700 with many other changes (capital gains changes, 1031, FTT, etc.) Watch the video.. Taxes are complicated – and the rumor of $400k is an old news and is *not* relevant anymore. Also, some are reading the title assuming incorrect information as well. It helps to watch.

  2. So what affect do you think a 15 dollar wage floor will have been n things? I struggle gale to see how this can have an adverse affect in n rental returns

  3. If Biden gets into office I guarantee you we will see a major economic crash Socialism will never work and his plans move us to that demise quickly !!


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