• Time for a FBI chinwag:

      The GM deal itself is 99% one sided to GM. From a GM perspective she should get a raise.

      1)The bigger challenge for all GM and Nikola board members are what did they each know and when did they know it?

      2)GM and Nikola board members allegedly may be accessories to and/or with alleged fraudulent bait and switch, security fraud, racketeering, insider trading, fraudulent misrepresentation, conflict of interest, fraud and other alleged fraudulent actions.

      3)Certainly more than just Trevor Milton at the Nikola One reveal knew his statements were allegedly materially false,

      4)the “Nikola One in motion video” was an allegedvfraudulent deception to both our investors and fraudulently support Nikola’s 2 billion dollar “design patent” damages against Tesla,

      5)Nikola allegedly had no revolutionary battery technologies as Trevor claimed and up to this day allegedly not retracted by current Nikola board members or officials,

      6)Nikola allegedly has no “revolutionary” or any hydrogen fuel cell technology nor extraction technology they allegedly falsely claimed, of which it’s a material fact they received $3.7 million dollars from the USA🇺🇸 Department of Energy in 2019 to “develop and manage”, then “scrap their superior hydrogen fuel cell and battery technology” all for GM’s. USA🇺🇸 DOE needs 3.7 million back from Nikola.

      7)Allegedly also have/had no proprietary revolutionary inverters as Nikola allegedly falsely claim

      8)In my opinion, allegedly the prior GM board member now on Nikola board allegedly must know the truth prior and to keep people out of jail called his contacts at GM for a lifeline.

      9)In my opinion GM allegedly knows 100% prior to signing the GM deal exactly what was going on and they took 100% advantage of it.

      10)This logically explains why both parties signed the one sided GM deal. It’s the only logical scenario. As such, if true, and I am not saying it is, GM therefore is also allegedly liable civilly and criminally.

      11)The FBI REALLY needs to get busy. One or more will likely be going to Federal prison for a long time.


  1. Nikolas Slogan should be.. ” we’ll we didn’t technically state that…. so were not technically wrong” ….. jesus fking christ. This dude needs to go to jail ASAP.

  2. I driving my Nikola Semi truck to get my Badger P/U truck in January 2021!! No, What I meant to say is I will get an uber ride with Marty McFly to the year 4999 to get my Nikola by then it should be able to get a pre production model!!

  3. This always struck me as a company created specifically to be sold or become a catalyst to jumpstart and showcase that there is desire and demand for this niche. As a marketing test nikola was very successful. Now the question remains what will GM do with it now?

  4. I like at the end its mentioned that you should always do your own due diligence when sorting through news/information for the truth as a lot of whats out there is self servicing information and ads. I believe thats not just for the stock marker but for everything.


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